Heart Centered


Be Whole + Hearted.

Your heart has the power to heal a friend and illuminate their world. When you settle into your authentic self and connect with your heart, you can take Flight to the life of your dreams.


Hi, I'm Amanda.

Doctors call me a heart patient. I'm a mom. A wife. A heart health advocate. A heart led healer. But really I'm just like you, barely keeping it together at times. 

I reflect you. And I thank you for all the messy life experiences that have led you to connect with me. Heartquake™, I call it. Those excruciatingly painful moments when the air gets knocked out of you and you're not sure if you'll get through it.

It's those moments that force you to dig deep within yourself to ignite your ultimate power source. Your heart. 


Working with Amanda can only be called a life changing experience.

Erin - Client

Intention Crystals 

Set intentions, watch your dreams take Flight with my love, sleep, healing, abundance and warrior pouches. 


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