Intuitive Healing Session


Includes: One Hour Healing Session

Returning clients can book 90 minute and 2 hour sessions


The service that started it all! Amanda will channel your spirit guides in this session as she incorporates alternative healing techniques such as Reiki TUMMO™ healing, Certified Angel Card Reading™ and energy clearing in this unique experience. This session opens your heart and helps you take Flight on the path of wellness. *Additional fee for more than one client. Phone/ FaceTime and Skype Sessions also available.








Medium Session


Includes: One Hour Medium Session 


Amanda will connect with your loved ones who have passed from the physical into the spiritual realm as a tool for healing both you and the spirit of your loved one.

*Please note that in booking a medium session, it must be at least 4-6 months after the loss of a loved one. Additional fee for more than one client.







Group Medium Reading


Includes: One Hour Medium Reading for up to 8 people


Amanda will come to your home or event and connect with your loved ones who have passed from the physical into the spiritual realm in a group setting.

*This session can get emotional and it's important to create a safe space for healing everyone in the room. Smaller groups are preferable if you'd like everyone to have a reading. More than 8 people subject to an additional charge.







Group Heart Heathly Meditation Class


Includes: 90-minute Meditation Class for up to 10 people


The initial session begins with introducing the group to the signs and risk factors for heart disease, and the importance of incorporating a mindfulness and meditation practice into your daily life. Approximately 45 minutes is spent being guided through a heart opening meditation.


The focus is on honoring and opening your heart to limitless possibilities as you take Flight.







House Clearing


Includes: House Clearing minimum two hours


Amanda will clear the negative energies in your home, including emotional imprints, negative spirits, and the land. Amanda will clear your home all the way down to the core of the earth. Be prepared to experience major shifts that will translate into all areas of your life.

*Please note price range depends on home size. If you are interested in a whole house clearing, you must first book a one-on-one intuitive healing session to experience the full benefits.






House Blessing


Includes: 90-minute House Blessing Session


Did you recently move or are you looking to shift around your space? Amanda will come bless your home, while helping you set clear intentions for your new environment. 

*Please note that while Amanda will shift the energy with a sage blessing and give you some exercises that will help set your intentions for the home, this is not designed to be a house clearing.







Mindfulness and Heart Healthy Movement Lecture Series  


Includes: 3 Individual Lectures


This three-part series is a must for groups who want to deepen their spiritual practice and take Flight.


The first session is the 90-minute group meditation class.


The second session digs deeper as Amanda will lead a group discussion. Through practicing breath work, journal writing, meditation and affirmations, you’ll take Flight to a heart healthy lifestyle.


In the third session, Amanda uses Reiki TUMMO™ healing and other energy modalities to raise the group’s frequency. Expect to see serious results!







Hire Amanda to Speak at Your Next Event 


Amanda has spoken at RAND Corporation, UCLA, YPO Santa Monica Bay, charity events and in several other forums about the Flight lifestyle.


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