Heartquake™, like a massive earthquake, will take out everything in its path.It also provides an opportunity for growth and new beginnings. In order to ensure long term success and health in all aspects of your life, we need to build a solid foundation.This includes identifying old patterns, releasing toxic emotions and setting an intention to shift your life in a new direction. Through her shamanic training as a modern day medicine woman, Amanda will take you on a soul journey like you've never experienced before. She will connect and collaborate with your spirit guides and loved ones who have passed from the physical into the spiritual realm. As a born psychic medium, Amanda's channel to spirit will help you to identify what's been holding you back. With this newfound clarity, you can push aside that which no longer serves you, address any cracks in your foundation and settle into this new space with an open mind and heart. 

In addition to the 90 minute session, you will leave with a set of Flight foundational tools specifically tailored to you. Amanda will identify affirmations to help you move through the process and she will record a 30 second and 2 minute heart opening meditation. You will also receive a 20% discount on all Flight products when purchasing during your session.

*Discount does not apply to services. Additional fee for more than one client. Phone/Facetime Sessions also available.



Parenting a sensitive child can be difficult, but Amanda's here to help! Having been born a clairvoyant and an empath, Amanda understands the difficulty of growing up feeling weird or different - trying to squeeze into a box that never fit. She strives to teach sensitive and intuitive children Flight tools to understand how to utilize their gifts to live a more rich and fulfilled life. Amanda will sit either outside near the fairy garden in her yard or in her healing studio with younger clients. She often times brings her labradoodle dog, Lukas into sessions. As a mother raising three daughters, Amanda understands the challenges of parenting sensitive and gifted children. 







Heartquake™ Support Circle

Includes: 90-minute Circle for up to 10 people


As a trained WomenHeart Champion, Amanda co-founded the first peer led support group for women living with heart disease. She has been leading a monthly support group at UCLA since 2012 and believes in the importance of connecting through shared experiences. Amanda's signature Heartquake™ support circle is tailored to each individual group. Whether you just want Amanda to lead your group through a guided soul journey meditation to help your business or friends to feel more connected, or you've experienced a loss in the community and you'd like someone to help facilitate and offer support Amanda's here to help. 

Available for adults or children.

*Please note that if the session feels like it will be running longer, Amanda will ask permission to continue which will result in an additional fee. There is also an additional charge for groups over 10 people.


House Clearing

Includes: House Clearing

minimum one hour in studio and two hours on site


Are you moving into a new space? Or maybe you're going though a divorce, loss or just feel like your home or office needs an energy makeover. For a full space clearing, Amanda will start by working remotely from her studio for one hour to tune in to the space prior to visiting the site for the actual clearing. Once at your home or office, Amanda will use the tools she's learned as a modern day medicine woman to clear negative energies, including emotional imprints, negative spirits, and the land. Be prepared to experience major shifts that will translate into all areas of your life.

*Please note price range and time needed depends on home size. If you are interested in a whole house clearing, you must first book a one-on-one intuitive healing session to experience the full benefits.

House Blessing


One Hour House Blessing Session


Did you recently move or are you looking to shift around your space? Amanda will come bless your home, while helping you set clear intentions for your new environment. 

*Please note that while Amanda will shift the energy with a sage blessing and give you some exercises that will help set your intentions for the home, this is not designed to be a house clearing.


Hire Amanda to Speak at Your Next Event 


Amanda has spoken at RAND Corporation, UCLA, YPO Santa Monica Bay, charity events and in several other forums about the Flight lifestyle.


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