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I met Amanda Daniels through a close friend of mind about ten years ago. At the time, my main gig was consulting with small businesses and helping with brand identities and graphic design. Amanda became a client of mine. Over the year or so that we worked together, it became clear to me that Amanda had an abundance of great intuition, talent, smarts, and drive but she was grappling with “the vision” for her brand. Amanda is a heart disease survivor and a mom, and she knew that her story was going to be part of her business, but it wasn’t yet totally clear how.  


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As you prepare to get in the right mindset, placing crystals in the area can also lead to self-care. Setting an intention as you relax can help resolve any issues. Jenna Dewan has said that her favorite crystal is rose quartz and she uses them in baths to open her heart.


#WOW The Wonder of Women Summit -  May 2, 2018

Nearly 400 guests gathered at the UCLA Meyer and Renee Luskin Conference Center on May 2, 2018, to attend the inaugural #WOW The Wonder of Women Summit, which brought together thought leaders and trailblazers in science, health and culture for a day of learning and connection.




UCLA Health David Geffen School of Medicine Magazine - Spring 2016 Edition

The UCLA Women’s Cardiovascular Center, committed to educating women about the warning signs of heart disease and heart-healthy lifestyle tips, held an educational seminar on October 28, 2015, in the Pavilion Club of UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion to raise awareness of the warning signs and risks factors of cardiovascular disease. Heart disease, while often preventable, continues to be the No. 1 cause of death among American women.


Femme Funtales: My Baby's Play Date with a Ghost

Baby Mama - April 2016


Nothing makes time stand still more than when you're stuck watching your children go down the same slide for the 27th time. It's like watching paint dry, while simaltaneously waiting for water to boil. To survive the phycholigocal torture of the park-you know, the place where no matter how hard you push your mistakes away from you, they come swinging back to kick you in the face with a pair of sand-filled Crocs--I typically arrive by the middle of the day, 9:00 a.m. Right when the dew on the slides can penetrate down to the Underoos. I generally like to assess the scene for a cool-looking parent with whom I can converse so as to promptly ignore my children.


Enter Amanda. Playground Left. Sunlight bouncing off her hand-combed ponytail. Fashion-forward sweatpants. Easily the coolest mom at the park. I convince my littlest to eat the sand near her kids so I can make my move. Amanda is super-sweet. She tells me she makes killer organic, vegan, gluten-free apple-spinach muffins, and that she talks to dead people...

National Go RED Day: What women need to know about heart disease

Fox 11 - February 2016


February 5 is the day that the American Heart Association asks everyone to wear red in order to raise awareness for heart disease in women.  Created in 2004, Go RED day was designed to promote healthier lives for women of all ages.


Today 1 in 3 women are affected by heart disease in the United States, and nearly 44 million American women are living with heart disease. Even though cardiovascular disease is quite prevalent in women, only 1 in 5 women are aware that heart disease is their greatest health risk.

Live Healthy Special Report - Amanda Daniels

Shape Magazine - February 2012


In the Fall of 2003 I was 25, working as a group-cycling instructor and indulging my adventure-junkie side with paragliding and canyoneering. I had never felt healthier, even through I'd known for years that I had an arrhythmia, or "hiccuping heart." My doctor had assured me that this condition is very common and often harmless, through it can interfere with the heart's ability to pump blood.


In my case, my heartbeats were only irregular 1 percent of the time, so I was tempted to skip my annual battery of test that year. Fortunately, I didn't, because my cardiologist delivered shocking news: I had developed cardiomyopathy, or an enlarged heart.

Heart of gold: How one woman conquered a diagnosis

USA Today - November 2014


Heart Problems Amanda Daniels, a health-conscious mother-of-two, has unearthed the secret to thriving in the face of heart disease. 


“If you see me, you’d never think I was the face of heart disease,” says Amanda Daniels, who’s 36, thin and fit.


A wake-up call

The married mother of two is grateful to share her heart story to help others. While Daniels was diagnosed at age 18 with an irregular heartbeat, she lived her life without much worry.  Then at 25, her heart got worse. The diagnosis was cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle. “My entire life kind of changed at that moment,” says Daniels who had to stop living such an active life including teaching spin classes, which she loved.


Why I Started Making Time to Meditate - December 2014


On January 1st, 2013, I ended up in the ER with a heartbeat going around 175 BPM.

I grew more uncomfortable as they treated me with growing urgency. I wanted to rip the sensors off my chest and say, “That's it. I'm going home.”


I had driven myself, as my kids were napping and my husband and I didn't want to wake them. Mistake No. 1. Turns out I was having an SVT attack, and was diagnosed with a form of Tachycardia a week later. All of this shocked and unnerved me.

Mortality, boom. Take care of yourself, lady.


I've been slow to realize how important my lifestyle affects my heart. Slow to make the changes, I should say. After living with growing anxiety over having another attack this summer, I finally took multiple steps to take better care of my heart.


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Heart and Stroke Walk

Santa Monica Mirror- November 2013


Heart disease survivor Amanda Daniels has defied the odds by not just giving birth once, but twice, years after doctors told her childbirth was next to impossible.


While hooked to a cardiac monitor during a wisdom teeth removal procedure when she was 18, doctors noticed an irregular heartbeat and sent her immediately to a cardiologist. She was diagnosed with arrhythmia, a generally benign condition in which the heart beats at an irregular or abnormal function.


After being diagnosed, Daniels visited the cardiologist regularly yet was still able to lead the active lifestyle she had come to love and enjoy, even working as a spin instructor.


She will be one of hundreds of people walking in the American Heart Association 5K Walk this Saturday starting at the Santa Monica Pier.


RAND Corporation Annual Report

RAND Corporation -  2013


RAND events inform and inspire debate on timely policy issues, offering unique opportunity for intellectual fellowships, community engagement, and high-level deliberation of important policy matters.

Left: Senior sociologist Chloe Bird led a discussion on women's health with Amanda Daniels, a heart coach and advocate, and Karol Watson, and associate professor of medicine at UCLA.


CJ Free Jewelry

Gilt City - February 2012


During National American Heart Month, CJ Free is teaming up with the American Heart Association to support the fight against heart disease with the sale of 14-karat gold, limited-edition bracelets.


They designed this bracelet in honor of their friend Amanda Daniels who was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy at 25. Thanks to advances in research and medications, Amanda is a survivor.



Healing Hearts - One Voice at a Time

MomLogic - November 2010


When Amanda Daniels, mom of two, was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy seven years ago, she had two choices: Give up, or find a way to get healthy and live her life. She chose the latter -- but it wasn’t easy.


She searched for meaning of support and connection online, and continued to come up empty-handed. As if fighting for her life and supporting her family weren't enough, she decided to take on a major project and build a site that helped people in need find daily words of encouragement through shared stories of strength and perseverance.


Today, Voices to Share is a network of thousands of women -- and now men -- around the globe who share stories of love, family, career, health, lose and philanthropy.


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