“Amanda, thank you for stepping in and being your incredible, generous self and for teaching us about "heartquakes", a term that makes such intuitive sense and we know, but didn't realize it."

                                                                                      – Attendee, UCLA Wonder of Women Summit 2018


"Amanda’s insatiable desire to make a difference in the heart community shines in everything she does.” 

– P.K. Shah, M.D., F.A.C.C., Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute



“Amanda Daniels is a force of nature.  Her unstoppable energy and enthusiasm belies the fact that she – like so many of us – is a survivor of heart disease.  I met Amanda a mere two months after I received a heart transplant, and at once fell under her spell of positive energy.  Amanda and her unending dedication to the WomenHeart of West LA support group have been a helpful step in my recovery; as a leader and a healer, she continues to be an inspiration.”  

– Judy Race, Heart Disease Survivor



"Amanda and I have shared the stage on many panels and news programs committed to educating people about heart disease.  Amanda has taken her own struggle with the disease and used it to help so many in the community.”

– Karol Watson, M.D. & Director of UCLA Barbra Streisand Women’s Heart Health Program



“Amanda has established herself as a strong voice and passionate advocate in the heart community. In lending her voice and sharing her story, she is bringing much needed awareness to the number one killer of women worldwide.”

– Claudia Keller, Former Director of the American Heart Association




After going through a tough divorce in 2017 I attended my first group Soul Journey with Amanda and Flight Of The Heart in early 2018.  I had meditated on and off my entire life but in this meditation, I went deeper than I ever have.  I was experiencing some financial difficulty at the time and the session was exactly what I needed to catapult my life and business. During the session I had a vivid visual journey where I was walking down a dirt path and came to a beautiful carved wood door where the doors opened.  I felt amazing after the meditation : I knew a change was coming.  The next morning someone side swiped my vintage Land Cruiser, had filed a claim and left a note with all of the details.  Two days later a check for $6000 came in the mail and immediately following that I signed two more new clients. Thank you Amanda for making space for guiding me to allow such magic to happen.  

                                                                                   - Heather Roma, Founder The Westside Collective

"Amanda’s powerful, positive spirit surrounded me in an aura of light and love as she channeled information from the spirits that surround me - and all of us.  Amanda reminds visitors that the guidance we seek is accessible without her, if we can listen inside to the wisdom from the invisible beings around us who would nurture and protect us, if we could be silent enough to hear."

 - Kathy Eldon, Author & Founder Creative Visions Foundation

"Amanda is such a great vessel of love, light and guidance from high above."

- Tamar Geller, Celebrity Dog Trainer & NY Times Bestselling Author

"Amanda captured the hearts, minds, souls of the kids at Vista Del Mar with such focus and interest like I’ve never seen before.  Through exercises, sharing her personal story, her soul-talk approach, these kids opened up and blossomed before my eyes.  One boy turned to me at the end of the evening, after Amanda had given each of us a Reiki healing, and shared that he’d never felt so present in his life, as if he had the ability to see his whole life before him, how he’d build it, the steps he’d take, and how easy it all felt.  He went on to say all those feelings of overwhelming fear and anxiety had left him and he’d never experienced this sensation of freedom quite like this before.  It is so clear that Amanda’s ability to hold space is profound and her energetic clearing allowed all of us, and especially these kids the opportunity to exist in deep relationship with clarity, self-love, inner wisdom.  Thank you so much Amanda for this magical evening."

- Julie Civiello Polier, Reiki Healer & Esthetician

"After my husband passed away, I was led to Amanda through a friend, and she has brought me a level of comfort, in our sessions, reconnecting with him.  Her psychic abilities are quite remarkable, and I was amazed at some of the things she imparted to me."

- Anonymous Client

"Working with Amanda can only be called a life changing experience.  Walking into her studio, I had no idea what to expect.  While I am a spiritual person, I was skeptical of the abilities of a medium.  It is a concept that's hard to grasp because there is nothing tangible, but from the moment Amanda started speaking, my skepticism was gone.  She was able to tell me how many kids I had, the names of my kids, that I was going through a divorce, what my career path was, I could go on and on and on.  She was able to connect with my mother who has passed and she knew things that only my mother and I knew.  My mother and I used to argue about a certain subject while she was living and this argument continued through Amanda.   Being able to connect with people who have passed allowed me to say the things that I needed to say, but most importantly, it allowed me to feel close to them once again.  Amanda is in touch with all souls...those that have passed and those that are living.  She was able to connect to my sons soul (who is living) and allowed me to understand him in a much deeper way.  But most importantly, she was able to connect with my soul.  She could see me more deeply than anyone else in this world. And with that connection, she allowed me to re-connect to my-self.  And for that I will always be grateful for Amanda's gift.  I have told all of my friends about her and they have all been as blown away as I have.  Anyone who gets the chance to work with Amanda is in for a truly transformative experience."

- Erin, Client


"I had such an amazing experience with Amanda.  It was a life changing experience for me.  I am also a therapist and healer, but Amanda is a gifted healer.  She has given me so much information about my life and that has given me the tools to move forward in my life.  I was also amazed when she asked me about the gift my (late) maternal grandfather had given me when I was 11-years-old and, in fact, I completely forgot.  She described the gift he gave me that time... just unbelievable. Thank you, Amanda, for such a wonderful session...really grateful and look forward to see you again soon!"

– Vijay Laxmi Goyal, Spa Manager and Specialist for Aman Resort



"Amanda is an outstanding conduit of Spirit.  Since 2011, I have witnessed her hone her skills and connect authentically to her highest sense of self to be an astute source for deep, lasting healing.  I have observed her in my trainings evolve and grow to an awe inspiring healing channel.  She is a tremendous medium, healer, medicine woman and heart coach, but aside from the names we give healers, Amanda is an authentic, accurate, loving and powerful bridge to spirit.  She is a kind, genuine and nurturing soul who is ready and able to serve.  Anyone who feels called to work with her should, you won't regret it!"

– April Rucker, Universal Transformationalist



"Amanda is a highly gifted healer.  Her sincere desire to be of service to others combined with her extraordinary intuitive gifts enables her to guide her clients to a place of great healing and peace.  I highly recommend her to anyone seeking more love and understanding in their lives."

– Kim Southerland, Educational Therapist



“Amanda is a fearless guide.  She is truly gifted in her work, creates a safe space for me to explore each step and does all in a most connected, down-to-earth, natural way.  My work with Amanda deeply connects me with my core source in a way other explorations have not reached.  Our sessions are always profound and have created lasting shifts in my self for which I am forever grateful.  If you are considering reading her written work or joining her for a session, I urge you to do it without a thought.  She will help you follow your heart.”

– Jenny Lorant Grouf, Bodywork Practitioner



"Amanda reached out to me with an offer to experience healing through her medicine woman techniques.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I trusted Amanda.  She has a spirit that is positive and attractive.  I took a leap of faith at a time when I was trying different things to find a better, less stressful, way of living.  It was an amazing, transformative experience.  It was a sanctuary.  It was spiritual.  It was life changing.  It made me realize that inner peace was as valuable to my health as exercise and nutrition.  It started me on a path of growth and my own daily meditation program.  Amanda was my inspiration, and I am forever grateful."

– Wendy Oshiro, Heart Disease and Cancer Survivor





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